Over the last few years, many students here have achieved incredible Rockschool exam awards, undertaken brave public performances, and achieved GCSE, A-Level and University results to be very proud of.


Here are the highlights!

  • Oliver "Rock On"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 1 (Merit)
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 2

    Oliver lives to Rock; any place, any time, but especially since seeing School of Rock in the West End. With a wicked ear and sense of rhythm, you'd want him in your band!

  • Cailean "Miserlou"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 4 (In Progress)

    Passion. One word encompassing what Cailean shows in his guitar playing. Every week he pushes himself to new heights, and the sky is the limit with this young talent. 

  • Alex "Bon Jovi"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 1 (Merit)

    Now across the world in New Zealand, Alex taught me just as much as I could teach him! Full of smiles and ready to have fun, playing an instrument doesn't get much better than that.

  • Will "Mr. Groove"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 4 (Merit)
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 8 (Merit)

    Genuine love for music is the only way to make a career out of it. , Will is now studying Music at University and has hit the stage with several bands, touring around the UK!

  • Samuel "Killer Queen"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 1 (Merit)
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 2
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 3 (Merit)

    Samuel is a shining example of how to aim big, and achieve with dedication, maturity, and a sense of humor! His love for Queen & the classic 70s-80s music era knows no bounds...

  • Oscar "BPM-3000"
    6+ Year Student
    Regular Performer at events

    The youngest student to ever join our ranks at 5 years old! Oscar can play acoustic and electric, is super keen to sing along with guitar playing, and jam with his friends!

  • Dan "Acoustatronic"
    RSL Acoustic Guitar - 
    Grade 1 Performance Certificate  (Merit)

    Dan brings finesse to acoustic playing, loving to transform the latest pop and EDM tracks into fingerstyle acoustic guitar pieces that will blow you away! Perfect for the Youtube gen.

  • Libbie
    Exemplary Best-in-Year GCSE Music Performance & Composition including Grade 5 Level Guitar

    Libbie is just a natural... She may not give herself enough credit, but playing Guitar is just one part of Libbie's amazing musical abilities that grow week-on-week.

  • Dan "Dancefloor"
    RSL Electric Grade 2  (Distinction)
    RSL Electric Grade 5

    Dan is a multi-instrumentalist, playing Bass, Drums and even the DJ decks! Indie Rock floats his boat, but so much more too. (Not to mention he will improv his socks off).

  • Finlay "One-Take"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 2  (Merit)
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 5  (Merit)

    Fin earned the nickname from nailing his GCSE performance in one. Never satisfied, he'll play it down but his dedication to building knowledge and skills on guitar is A*!

  • Zach
    RSL Electric Guitar Debut Grade  (Merit)

    Zach has tried everything: acoustic and electric, pop and rock, you name it! Going into 2021 he will finally be hitting up the next challenge (and amazing leap) to RSL Grade 4

  • Harry "Turn it to 11"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 1  (Merit)
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 2  (Merit)

    Youtuber. Guitarist. Tennis pro. What does Harry not do? Pedal-to-the-metal, Harry takes on every new song with Gusto. He loves Green Day, and every riff he can get his hands on! 

  • Thomas
    RSL Acoustic Guitar Grade 2 (Merit)
    RSL Acoustic Guitar Grade 3 (Merit)

    Thomas was the first student to take a video exam over the COVID 2020 lockdown, and smashed it out of the park. He has a natural ear and feel for guitar, and his future is bright!

  • Matt "Shredder"
    RSL Electric Guitar Grade 8

    Matt fast-tracked his achievements on Guitar, reaching Grade 8 in less than 2 years before continuing his training to be a Doctor! An incredible talent with a love for classic metal.

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